We Study The Market

We believe that the best opportunities are with undiscovered penny stocks with maximum potential to go big; our stock analysts are continuously seeking the best hot penny stocks.

We Profile A Company

After we narrow our research down to a few candidates, we make a decision on several factors such as the company management, growth potential, their recent news, and which sector.

You Get The Alert

When we finish our report, we email our members the company profile. You won't just be receiving a summary, we also include charts with technical analysis and sector evaluations.

Opportunity Arises

We all know no one is right 100% of the time, but our alerts have had a history of providing big gains both short and long term. Our last 2 alerts averaged out at 225% in gains from our alert.

What our valued members have said about us.

  • I never traded penny stocks but your website caught my attention. After I watched 2 alerts, I was hooked! I haven't traded a big board since. Never see any 250% runners there. Thank you for finally getting me into where I should have been all along.

    Anthony R.
  • After watching LEXG for 3 days, I finally jumped in at $1.18. This was one of the first OTC stocks I purchsed but it sure paid off. I ended up selling around $2.80 ! Unfortunately it ran to $10.50+ but I was still happy. Money is money!

    Michael C.

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